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Benefit From The Experience Of World-Class VAT Consultants In Dubai, UAE

As a leading Value Added Tax consultant in Dubai, our focus is on helping firms get their value-added tax filed in the quickest manner. Our team is up to date on the latest developments regarding VAT laws in UAE, and provides outstanding consultancy services. We will help you prepare and meet requirements to comply with your tax obligations.

Information About The VAT & Its Impact On Consumers & Businesses In The UAE

The Value Added Tax is applicable on a wide range of products and services that are bought and sold. However, this does not include healthcare, education and basic food items. The cost is primarily shouldered by the consumers, and businesses are required to collect and report the associated charges, together with their revenues and expenditures. In essence, businesses act as tax collectors for the government.
This particular tax programme is applicable only on businesses that meet a certain minimum annual revenue requirement. Businesses that do not meet this minimum annual turnover requirement (e.g., small businesses) are not required to register for VAT, as well as businesses providing goods and services that are not covered by the added tax. Businesses that think they should be excluded from VAT are advised to document and maintain their financial transactions to enable the government to determine if they should be registered or not.

The Leading Value Added Tax Consultants In UAE

We are approved VAT agents in Dubai that handle all the work as a certified and approved consultant operating in the UAE. We have a team of expert agents who handle individual projects and provide expert solutions that can help businesses and entrepreneurs navigate the new policies and requirements involved in the implementation of the Value-Added Tax in the UAE.
Our VAT consultants in DMCC have the professional expertise and experience required to help your financial team and accountants be updated on the latest developments regarding the programme. We will help you prepare and meet requirements to comply with your tax obligations. In addition, our tax consultants can help your team modify your internal operations, such as financial management planning and bookkeeping activities, in line with the new programme.
Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals will help you have a clear and complete understanding of the new tax programme. With NAM Associates as your consultants in the UAE, you can be sure of being fully prepared to file your returns and comply with the new programme.