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Get Your Tax Residency Certificate in UAE Through A Seamless Process

In this highly digitalized world, businesses are no longer bound by geographical restrictions. Business activities are now being conducted globally, and cross-cultural business activities are experiencing a major boom. While this has a lot of advantages to offer, businesses find themselves getting trapped in a tax web, and face issues with double taxations during the import-export process. However, this can easily be resolved by acquiring a tax residency certificate.
The Government of UAE issues this certificate for businesses to maximize on the Double Tax Treaty (DTT), thereby making it possible for them to transform this threat into an opportunity.  The DTT is focused on preserving the interests of foreign companies and investors hailing from other taxable jurisdictions with a wish to invest in the UAE. This treaty has allowed foreign investors and companies that pay taxes abroad to mitigate any potential tax burdens in the UAE. What this means is that making investments in the UAE is 100% tax-free

Who Is Eligible & How to Apply for The TRC Certificate in Dubai

The TRC in Dubai can be obtained by:

The tax residency certificate can be obtained through a basic online process that includes creating an account on the portal of the Ministry of Finance and filling out an application. If you need help with applying for a tax residency certificate in Dubai, then get in touch with the experts at NAM Associates.