Opening a Business
in Free Zones of UAE

Company Formation in Dubai Free Zone

UAE provides the opportunity to start a business in UAE's Free Zones, where they can be 100 percent foreign-owned, without the need for a 51 percent local partnership, in order to further amplify the corporate or commercial activities in the area. Topped with other primary advantages, such as no corporate tax, entrepreneurs in the UAE Free Zones will create prospective companies and bring their dreams to life. NAM Accountants therefore ensures that it is a stress-free operation by offering feedback at every stage of starting the company from scratch.
offshore company setup in dubai by NAM Accountants

If you're looking for expert free zone business setup consultants in Dubai, look no further than NAM Accounts for top-notch advice and support

Benefits of starting Free Zone Company in United Arab Emirates

You can gain 100 percent ownership of your company in the free zone, unlike other places in the UAE where a 51% local partnership is required. Free zones in the UAE fully exclude you from paying any corporate or income tax, eliminating the tax payment burden from your shoulders.

You will receive 100% repatriation of the profit and capital made by the activities in your free zone sector with 0 percent tax. Free zones also help general trade by not levying any kind of customs duty or duty on exports and imports.

Reduced limitations, documents, and legalities mean that a free zone business can be set up and registered at bullet speed in the UAE. The UAE free zones provide excellent facilities for business operations, from excellent infrastructure and telecommunications, to free-hold property and the privacy of investors.

With NAM Associates, business consultancy and assistance, you can register your business in the UAE free zone and start your business without any hassle. To give you a well-informed and detailed consultancy, we review your business requirements, including location, capital, type, and investment.

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