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Expert Consulting for Company Formation in Dubai Airport Free Zone

The Dubai International Airport is a world beater when it comes to volume. It is the world’s busiest international traffic airport, as well as the 6th busiest cargo airport in the world. In the near future, the airport is expected to be able to handle 200 million passengers per year. These numbers are staggering, and they’re fitting, considering that the economic hub is also a world leader when it comes to economic advantages. The special economic area allows for a 100% tax exemption, no restrictions on currency, and businesses can be completely foreign owned. If you’re thinking of setting up a new company in the Dubai Airport Free Zone, then you would be making a wise decision. Of course, you will need professional consultants to assist with setting up your business in your chosen area.

Streamlined and efficient process for company formation in Dubai

Doing business in the UAE is more favourable than the majority of the major world centres. However care still needs to be taken throughout the company formation process to ensure that you understand the laws, local customs, and all of your obligations. Compliance is critical, especially when setting up a new company.
By understanding what is required of you, along with your rights and benefits, you will be able to correctly structure your company to take advantage of those benefits. With the assistance of experienced local consultants who are familiar with the process, we can provide a platform for launching your business towards success.

Seamless and cost-effective service for companies in Dubai and across UAE

We have helped countless companies for the past 25 years, ensuring that they are aware of legal issues, options for the type of company that they can form, and we will even help structural planning to take advantage of all tax incentives. In addition to the benefits offered by the free zone, we can help you to minimize income tax paid, as well as wealth and capital gain taxes. We can help in setting up limited liability companies, and satellite companies for organisations that are already established overseas.
With consultants that are experts in company formation in Dubai Airport Free Zone, you can be sure that you’re getting the best start in any business venture. Talk to Nam Accountants today, and we will assist you in forming a company that not only takes advantage of current favourable conditions, but puts you in the best position to continue growing and prospering in the future.