NAM Business Center  streamlines business operations.

NAM | Startup

Designed to give your business a strong beginning. It provides essential services, and these foundational services are perfect for entrepreneurs and startups, ensuring you have the necessary tools to get your business up and running smoothly.

NAM | Finance

We help Dubai businesses with their finances. This includes tax advice, VAT registration, audits, and bookkeeping. Our services work for businesses of all sizes, ensuring their finances are accurate and compliant.

NAM | Digital

Boost your online presence with our services, including logo and branding, website design and domain setup, email configuration, and company profile creation.

NAM | Compliance

Ensure UAE rule compliance, including AML, UBO, ESR, and WPS. Prioritize regulations and best practices for reputation, and success.

NAM | Support

Get comprehensive documentation services for your business, including attestation, legal translation, and POA.

NAM | Residency

Simplifies residency-related processes in Dubai.  It caters to investors, employees, and families, offering a range of services that simplify the process of living and working in Dubai.


We specialize in offering comprehensive services including Golden Visa acquisition, trademark registration, and will registration.

NAM | Elite

It offers an exclusive upgrade to your business setup package, providing a Dedicated Team. Designed for businesses looking for the utmost efficiency and support.