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Decision making requires sound experience and an understanding of what drives industry in which the business operates. Strong management understands that from time to time outside assistance is required to enhance the knowledge base that exists within an organisation in order to assist with the goals that have been set.


Our key corporate advisory and consulting service includes:

➢ Feasibility Studies
➢ Financial due diligence
➢ Liquidations
➢ Risk analysis
➢ General business advisory
➢ Arranging Registrations of Trademark and Logo

Feasibility Studies

NAM Accountants provides a thorough appraisal on any kind of new project referred to us. This is carried out by conducting an in-depth feasibility study to assess viability of the project with due care. Our appraisal proves useful in securing the expected finance from banks and financial institutions.

Our dedicated team of professionals has a thorough understanding of the management and financial issues that face corporate entities. We bring an entrepreneurial spirit and vision to help strategies solutions, seize new business opportunities and optimize profits to help our clients expand their businesses confidently and successfully.

Whether you are entering international markets or developing your existing business, we provide feasibility analysis on set-up and investment and on-going support including tools for contract procurement, project collaboration and supply chain management. We can also represent you at negotiations with potential joint venture partners. Our Feasibility Report can include market research, cost analysis including plant evaluation and process assessment, financial projections and raw material sourcing.

Financial Due Diligence

Our aim is to provide clients with clear insights into the viability and reliability of potential investments, acquisition or joint venture projects. We offer practical solutions to issues identified during the due diligence that may impact the investments in the future but should be considered during the investment negotiation stage.

Our key service scope includes the following:

➢ Evaluate profitability, financial position, asset quality, liabilities, financial leverage and cash flows of the target company
➢ Evaluate significant accounting policies adopted
➢ Identify adjustments to restate financial statements to International Financial Reporting Standards
➢ Assess realization and recoverability of assets
➢ Search for under-accruals, unrecorded liabilities and off-balance-sheet transactions

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