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Nam Associates is Your Auditing Company in DIFC

The Dubai International Financial Centre is one of the best places in Dubai from where you can build a platform to tap emerging markets. Because of this, thousands of businesses, many with multinational interests, have set up operations in the special district.
Heavily focused on banking and financial services, the DIFC is a place that attracts businesses that are highly compliant and are run with complete efficiency. When maintaining compliance is a concern, hiring auditing firms become a necessity.
Nam Associates provide financial auditing service to ensure best practices and regulatory compliance. New businesses, as well as established businesses, can benefit from the highly personalised services provided by one of the leading auditing firms in DIFC.

Why do you need the services of a professional auditing company?

Audits aren’t just necessary for maintaining compliance. They catch problems early, such as inadequate internal policy, or poor financial management. With an audit, you can identify fraud and negligence, and prevent minor discrepancies from becoming major financial liabilities. Most importantly, a professional audit will enable you to accurately report to authorities and internal stakeholders, as well as company shareholders. In short, no business in the UAE can afford to be without professional auditing.

Partner with one of the top audit firms in Dubai

Nam is one of the leading auditing firms in DIFC because of the approach that is given to your business. Time is taken to understand what it is you do, and where your business is headed. With this in consideration. Internal policies and procedures are analysed and reported on, while identifying areas of risk and opportunities for improvement. This approach keeps you in full compliance with legal requirements, while also ensuring that you are able to operate efficiently, with the best business solutions.
No matter how complex or simple your venture is, your annual turnover, or even the accountancy software that you are using, our auditors are highly professional and vastly experienced. Audits are performed in a timely manner, with minimal interference on your operational capability. All audits are accurately verified, with every effort made to obtain up to date information and complete disclosure from the appropriate sources within your business.

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