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Nam – One of the Leading Audit Firms in DMCC Dubai

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre offers forward thinking infrastructure under the Jumeirah Lakes Towers Free Zone. This makes it easier for businesses to start up and operate in Dubai, but they still need the relevant support to ensure that they maintain legal compliance. When you are looking for audit firms in DMCC Dubai, think Nam Associates.

What our auditing Company can do for you

Bringing a wealth of experience in the industry and the region, we are able to analyse your business financially, and ensure that your accountancy practices are not only compliant, but that they are working to help your business succeed.
A unique approach is required to ensure that we are the best auditing company in DMCC. We first gain knowledge of what your business does, and what your core goals are. This is critical to gain a holistic perspective, even before an audit begins.We take the time to learn your current accounting systems and processes, as well as your internal policies. Where necessary, we will suggest and implement controls that bring your processes in line with regulation and the needs of your business.
An outline will be provided of the audit process, and the estimated time that it will take to deliver a complete audit. We will work with you to coordinate all necessary work, including things that you may need to adjust in your day to day operation.

Leverage the expertise of a world-class auditing company

An important part of auditing relies on understanding the software that your business uses. As a world-class auditing company in DMCC, we have an in depth understanding of the leading solutions. This includes, but is not limited to, Peach Tree accounting software, Tally, PACT ERP business solutions, and others. Being familiar with current industry software and best practices, allows our auditors to provide you with the most accurate audit, in the timeliest manner.
Most importantly, when you are seeking auditing services, you want analysis rather than reporting. Reporting gives you facts and figures alone. Analysis goes deeper to understand how we get to the numbers.
With auditing from Nam Associates, we will help you bring your business into line with the best practices in the UAE, or assist you in setting up a new business that is in full compliance with Dubai law. Talk to us today to find out why our auditing approach is the best fit for your business.