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When seeking a financial audit, it’s essential that your auditors are professionals, with experience in your local market. Not only is this necessary for legal compliance, but also for ensuring that audits are carried out with your unique business needs in mind. Nam Associates is one of the most respected audit firms in UAE. Our team of chartered accountants will carry out audits to your total satisfaction, providing you with the reports that you need for legal, or internal purposes.
“When it comes to keeping our accounting in order, we rely on Nam Associates. With their comprehensive range of advisory & accounting services, the attention & personalized service to clients, we can completely focus on our business of generating leads & revenue for our clients! We’re immensely thankful for having Nam Associates handle that vital part of our operations!”.

Heeru Jaukani, partner FSS Global LLC

“It is at pleasure to recommend Nam Associates. Since 2009, Nam Associates has acted as our local nominee partner in the United Arab Emirates. I highly recommend Nam Associates for their professional and enthusiastic approach to business in the UAE”.

Raju Tekwani Sunpride Trading Company LLC

Benefits of getting the services of audit firms in Dubai, UAE

One reason you might require an audit, is to identify and combat fraud or mismanagement. An in-depth auditing company in Dubai UAE will look deep into your financial history, gathering all documentation, and acquiring full disclosure from key individuals. This attention to detail will identify behaviors or discrepancies in their early stages, ensuring that you are able to act accordingly, mitigating any financial, legal, or operational impact.
The service that we provide is not only designed to provide accurate audits, but audits that are suited to your business. When you work with an auditing company in Dubai UAE, you want to be sure that the process doesn’t have a negative impact on your day to day operations. We will work with you to minimize any intrusion and time lost on performing your core business. This courteous approach is one of many reasons why countless businesses trust Nam Associates.

Our auditing company has highly qualified and experienced auditors

The auditing and assurance team is dedicated to providing accurate data that thoroughly meets the needs of your business. Our auditing process is designed to provide you with reports that can be presented for legal compliance requirements, for internal review, or for presentation to your board, shareholders, or potential investors. Rather than just report on what we discover, we will be able to provide real insight and opportunities for process improvement. As a full consultancy service, we can even continue to work with you to ensure that solutions are implemented in a timely and cost effective manner.
No matter what systems you currently have in place, or the accounting and business software that you run, our auditors will provide results with valuable data, identifying problems and risks in their early stages. If you’re serious about the future of your business, choose an established auditing firm in UAE. Choose Nam Associates.  
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NAM Associates is the best source for auditors in DWC. Our staff has been expertly trained to make sure we provide exceptional service to every company we work with. Our chartered accounts in Dubai understand the local governing laws and will make certain you not only meet those requirements, but also the requirements set by your shareholders and customers.